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Wednesday 08:00 - 10:00
Room: Net. Lab in Fanni-e-yek


Instructor: Mohammad Reza Razian
Email: [MyFamilyName].mr [AT] Gmail
Mr. Abdollahi email: en.m.abdollahy (G)
Mrs. Atiyeh Rashidy email: atiyeh.rashidy (G)
Mrs. Shima Rezaee email: shimarezaee1995 (G)


The aim of this course is to introduce key concepts and principles of computer networks. The course will use a top-down approach to study the Internet and its protocol stack. Instances of architecture, protocol, application-examples will include email, web and media-streaming. We will cover communications services (e.g., TCP/IP) required to support such network applications. The implementation and deployment of communications services in practical networks: including wired and wireless LAN environments, will be followed by a discussion of issues of network-security and network-management, Throughout the course, the Internet’s architecture and protocols will be used as the primary examples to illustrate the fundamental principles of computer networking (adopted from


Computer Ntworks course


  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (6th Edition) by James F. Kurose (Author), Keith W. Ross (Author)
  • CCNA references


Grading policy is as follows. This is tentative.
6 Reports
2 Quizzes or Take-home
8 Final
4 Class participation
0.5 Discipline (Following rules)

There will be no exceptions to the following rules:

  1. If you turn in your reports one or more day late you will loose grade.

  2. Cell Phones must be turned off (or be silent) when you are in class.

  3. Policy for cheating/copying reports. Providing your reports to someone else is considered cheatingon your behalf. All participants will receive -100 for the task at hand.

  4. Your dress should be adopted to Dress code of Semnan University.

Important Info

TA section
  • Introduction to Computer Network: [PDF]

Baking Recipes
  • Baking Recipe 11: [PDF] Dey 06th
  • Baking Recipe 10: [PDF] Azar 29th
  • Baking Recipe 9: [PDF] Azar 22th
  • Baking Recipe 8: [PDF] Azar 08th
  • Baking Recipe 7: [PDF] Azar 01th
  • Baking Recipe 6: [PDF] Aban 24th
  • Baking Recipe 5: [PDF] Aban 10th
  • Baking Recipe 4: [PDF] Mehr 26th
  • Baking Recipe 3: [PDF] Mehr 19th
  • Baking Recipe 2: [PDF] Mehr 12th
  • Baking Recipe 1: [PDF] Mehr 05th

Course Material
  1. 07/05: Introduction to Computer Systems
    1. Introduction to course
    2. Review OSI Model
    3. De facto standards
    4. End to end error checking and back to back error checking
    5. Different between different layers devices (equipments)
    6. Multiplexing (Port numbers)
  2. 07/12: Introduction to Transfer Media
    1. Creatig a patch cable or patch cord : Crimper Tool for Computer Pins, Sockets and Wire
    2. Connect two PCs
    3. Connect Four PCs using simple hub or switch
  3. 07/19: Introduction to Packet Tracer
    1. Simple Topology in Packet Tracer
    2. Different Topology
    3. Client-Server Architecture
    4. File Sharing in Windows and Security tips around it
    5. SMB and WannaCry malware
  4. 07/26: Introduction to ARP, switch and hub
    1. ARP Protocol
    2. Simplex, half duplex, full duplex
    3. Hub and switch functionlity
    4. Switch configuration
Useful Resources

In this section you will introduce to so,e additional resources to read them when you have problem or challenges to discussion topics

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 7th Edition
Kurose, Ross
Data and Computer Communications (10th Edition)
William Stallings
Computer Networks 5th
Andrew S. Tanenbaum
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Lavvaf, Gholami, Khatami

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