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Thursday 14:00 - 17:00
Room: 302


Instructor: Mohammad Reza Razian
Email: [MyFamilyName].mr [AT] gmail
Mr. Salmani (mehdismi70[AT]Gmail)


Networking technologies have had enormous growth in the past decade, and increasingly our daily lives depends on them. To that end, this course is a continuation of the “Computer Networks” course which is being offered at the undergraduate level. Building on the topics covered there, the aim of this course is to introduce advanced concepts and mechanism in networking and familiarize the student with current day issues in the field. Topics which will be covered to various extends include Resource Management (i.e. End-to-End Congestion Control, Fair Queueing, etc.), Wireless (i.e. Routing in ad-hoc networks, Sensor Networks), Overlays (i.e. Distributed Hash Tables), and Security.


Computer Networks or an equivalent course


    Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 6th Edition
  • James F. Kurose, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Keith W. Ross, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn


Grading policy is as follows. This is tentative.
4.5 Homework
4 Midterm
10 Final
1.5 Paper reading and class participation
1 Discipline (Class Participation and Following rules)

There will be no exceptions to the following rules:

  1. If you turn in your assignment one or more day late you will loose grade.

  2. Cell Phones must be turned off (or be silent) when you are in class.

  3. Policy for cheating/copying HWs. Providing your assignment to someone else is considered cheatingon your behalf. All participants will receive -100 for the task at hand.

  4. Your dress should be adopted to Dress code of Roshd-e-Danesh University.

Important Info

  • Genetic-Algorithn and Computer Networks Download in Piazza

  • Homework 2 - Socket programming in Python: [PDF]Deadline Due Dey 12th, 23:59:59 PM.
  • Homework 1 - VLAN and VTP: [PDF]Deadline Due Aban 16th, 23:59:59 PM.

Course Material
  1. 07/06: Introduction to Course
    1. Course resources
    2. Course paper
    3. Course assignment
    4. Cloud Computing
    5. Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. 07/13: Layering [PPT]
    1. Layering
    2. Defacto standards
    3. Network Security
  3. 07/20: nuts and bolts
    1. Network Edge (End system=hosts)
    2. Access Networks
    3. ADSL, FTTH, HFC
    4. Port (Multiplexing)
  4. 07/27: Access Network and Transfer Media
    1. Guided media
    2. Unguided Media
  5. 08/03: Switching and Network Structure
    1. Packet switching
    2. Circut Switching/li>
    3. Tier 1 ISP
    4. Peering and IXP
Useful Resources

In this section you will introduce to so,e additional resources to read them when you have problem or challenges to discussion topics

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 7th Edition
Kurose, Ross
Data and Computer Communications (10th Edition)
William Stallings
Computer Networks 5th
Andrew S. Tanenbaum
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